New SpeedLine Fast 10 9.5° RH w/Graphite Design YSQ 65g Reg


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The Speedline Technology

Adams has released the Speedline Fast 10 driver, the 3rd generation of Adams’s wind tunnel, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD for all you science types out there) tested Speedline Technology. It seems that while some of the other manufacturers were trying to figure out how to build a longer, more forgiving driver, through the use of exotic materials and some fairly radical (and sometimes painfully wretched looking) head shapes, the guys at Adams we’re busy trying to figure out how to use the principles of aerodynamics to increase clubhead speed. What’s more, they wanted to do it without sacrificing anything.

The latest results of their efforts is the Speedline Fast 10 driver, which Adams bills as “The Fastest Driver In Golf”. They claim the high launching, mid-spinning, Fast 10 can add up to 15 yards more distance because it has 10% less drag (achieved through changes to the heel and toe curvature). Because of increases in both MOI and face area, the Speedline Fast 10 is also 10% more forgiving. The assumption is those percentages are a comparison to the previous model.

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